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Missed Opportunities- Complacency Kills Growth
Mobilizing Your Team for an Increase in Business
The Economy Looks Good, But Are You Ready for Growth?
A recent article from Goldman Sachs stated, "For the first time since 2010, the world economy is outperforming most predictions - a trend that Goldman Sachs Research economists Jan Hatzius and Jari Stehn see not only continuing but amplifying in 2018. " That can be very exciting news if you are ready for the growth, but if you aren't, you could miss out on the very opportunities you have been praying for!

Last month, I was with a management team of a healthy growing business. Because of their sustained growth and success, a bit of complacency has set in among the managers.

Complacency is usually demonstrated by a lack of urgency to get stuff done.

At the end of the meeting, the President shared that not only had the company completed one acquisition, but 3 more were in the pipeline and likely would be successful. You could feel the panic in the room. Although we had been talking about strengthening their infrastructure for growth over the last six months, no one really took it very seriously, (except the President and CFO.)

This new information meant that the workload would dramatically increase for every manager who had not taken the time to:

-identify inefficiencies in their own departments, -train employees to take on new responsibilities, and -have conversations with their teams about weak areas that would be revealed with growth.

As a result, the company either needs to scramble to be ready, or pass on what could be key opportunities to build market share.

Complacency can be deadly to a company.

If you know there is potential growth on the horizon for your company, there are some simple steps to take TODAY to get ready.

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Golf, The Game We Love To Hate and What It Teaches Us About Training Others
As a recent newcomer to the game of golf, I just finished my second round of lessons. My Mom and I signed up for a 6-week clinic that included a round of 9-holes of golf after our lesson. We quickly found out why the clinic, which was held at a beautiful golf course, (Deer Ridge Golf in Brentwood, Ca) was so inexpensive. Our lesson started at 5:00pm on Thursdays when the temperature hovered around 105 degrees. Our first clinic started out with 12 participants, however; by the second workshop, participation dropped to to just myself, my mom and Ernie...people who are crazy enough to keep showing up just because we said we would.

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Overcome the Post-Election Negative Impact on Your Team
Will Your Leadership Inspire Hope, Civility and Focus?
This was a messy, negative election and the impact on workplace culture has been enormous.

The American Psychological Association recently published a study that showed 52% of Americans stated that the election created "significant" stress in their lives. The study also indicates that the impact was the same whether the participant aligned with either the Democratic or Republican party. Now that it is over, the stress has not necessarily evaporated. On the contrary, many people now fear the unknown future under the current leader.

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Medical Vibe... really?
The journey through treatment for breast cancer can be terrifying a bit scary unless you are lucky enough to receive your treatment from one of the terrific doctors at John Muir, like I did two years ago. Today was one of the routine check-ups with my fabulous Radiation Oncologist, Dr Michael Levine. Dr Levine is not only a great doctor, he is a great man. After examining me, I got to ask him about his recent success in securing the largest financial gift ever given to this health care system. I asked what he would attibute his success to. Now stop for a second.would you ever consider this kind of doctor to be a salesman of any type???

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The Vibe of Vision
When your organization achieves all of its objectives and goals, what will the world look like? This is the how vision is defined.

Vision is the snapshot or still picture. It is best described using nouns, not verbs. We use the metaphor of the mountain. Vision is the ultimate and final destination. However; your vision has to be compelling and inspiring to everyone in your organization&all the way to the front lines just the executive team.

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Does Kindness Impact Your Bottom-Line?
Kindness... is it a lost art because the impact and benefits are not immediately visible? Are we so rushed, overly-busy and emotionally exhausted that we no longer have the mental bandwidth to consider an act of kindness? And if so, what is the lack of acts of kindness costing us personally and professionally?

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