Conversations That Lead to Meaningful Results Take Only 90 Seconds to Plan

Conversations in the workplace matter.  They have the single biggest impact on building corporate culture, Vibe™, momentum and ultimately, results.  And yet, so few organizations invest into training their people in how to navigate conversations that have meaningful outcomes. We call these

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Weary Reader

Weary Leader

Dear Leader,  You were made for such a time as this.   You need to hear how much you and your leadership matters right now. Amidst the panic, the fear, and the unknown, your team and employees are looking to you for real leadership. Our team is thinking about you, praying over you, and

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Making Meetings Matter – When Half-Time Equals Double Time

Do you wonder where productivity is leaking from your organization?  BAD MEETINGS ARE A MAJOR CULPRIT. Every day, millions of professional people get pulled into meetings, where nearly two-thirds of those meetings begin without an agenda.*  Wait. What?! Leading a meeting without a

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Multiply Your Time With Only 90 Seconds of Planning Your Day

Heading into work, your next meeting or into an important conversation without a plan leaves you vulnerable to wasted time, wasted potential and lost opportunities.  Be honest with yourself: Do you start each day with clear intention focused on what you are going to accomplish, or do you let

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