Executive Coaching

Increase Your IMPACT  – Lead Your Teams Well

You’re not in this alone. Every hero has a guide.

Tired of bringing “work talk” home to your spouse?

Where do you go to talk about the challenges that you face?

Coaching is the most effective and safe way to develop your skills as a leader while you continue to become a person of influence.

Your Jazz BC Coach will:

  • Provide a confidential place to process your thoughts
  • Help you identify areas of growth that will provide the biggest return on your investment of time
  • Ask you the tough questions that help you dig deeper to overcome obstacles
  • Hold you accountable to the goals you set
  • Give you insight on approaches that are working well for other similar executives
  • Be available when challenges arise and you need to figure out next steps

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Executive Coaching
for Leaders

One-on-One Coaching

Complimentary Initial Coaching Session

Great for men and women leaders who:

  • Want to Get Stuff Done
  • May have been referred to as  “intense”
  • Desire to grow in their people-skills
  • Have a healthy ego
  • Love a scoreboard and winning

Each month, you’ll meet with your Coach for 1-2 hours to discuss tackling the items that are most important to you, plus you’ll have unlimited access via phone & email! Meetings can occur in person or via Zoom.

You’ll set the agenda, although we do have recommendations for podcasts or reading material in-between meetings.

Many of our clients have successfully led their companies to win awards like “Best Places to Work in the SF Bay Area” for several years in a row. 

If you are ready to make an impact, coaching may be just the Vibe Building support you need.

Pricing $850 – $1500 per month (based on company revenue size)

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Vibe Builders for Managers

Training & Executive Coaching - 6 months

Designed for Teams of 6-10 Managers per group

Each month Managers will receive 2 Hours of training as a group, and 60-Minutes of one-on-one Executive Coaching.

*New Optional Add-On: Entire Program tailored with your company’s branding, and information, as well as being recorded and stored on a platform for future managers to access.

Training Topics:


  • Personal Vibe Assessment and Training (Working with different Personal Vibe types)
  • Deliberate Dialogues for Collaboration (Drawing out the Best Ideas & Engagement)
  • Deliberate Dialogues for Confrontation (Tough but necessary discussions)
  • Becoming a Coaching Manager
  • Race and Bias at Work – Creating a Culture of Conscious Inclusion
    • Optional Add-on: Virtual-Reality Experiential Training by Perspectives, Inc
  • Productivity & Time Management – The 90 Second System (Also comes with the Management Planner)



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Retreat Facilitation

Strategy & Growth Planning

  • Clarify Your Company’s Three Top Core Values (used for hiring, rewarding, discipline, and identifying potential leaders)
  • Facilitation of a 1-Year Strategic Plan that aligns all teams
  • Facilitation of Monthly Strategy Update Meetings (6 Months)

Immediate Results

  • Builds Momentum
  • Clarifies Priorities
  • Strengthens Executive Team
  • Reduces Drama and Distractions
  • Grows Your Company
  • Positions Your Team to Seize Future Opportunities (Expansion, M&As, etc)

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School of Vibe

But Wait, There's More! 😉

Explore options for Training, customized Speaking engagements, and ground-breaking Tools to Multiply Your Time.