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The Team Committed to Helping You Build Vibe

The Birth of Helping Companies Build Better Vibe

After selling our marketing company, LogoMotion Concepts in 2006, we committed to launching a new company helping organizations build their infrastructure to get ready for massive growth.

Since then, our cherished client list has grown to include companies from a broad range of industries including Insurance, Construction, Healthcare, Hospitality, Faith-based Non-Profits and more.

We believe that the 90%+ of clients who have re-contracted with us a minimum of three times, is proof positive of our team delivering results that are most important to our valued clients.

The fabric of Jazz Business Consulting is built on aligning everything we do with our Core Values of:

Connection – Relating well to people is first and most important

Passion – We only take on clients and projects we are excited about and want to make a meaningful contribution to, and

Results driven – No fancy consultant-speak here. Our scoreboard is built on achieving the goals that are most important to you, our clients. Period.

Whether you have a healthy team ready to conquer the next big challenge, or you have a team that is struggling, call us, and begin to experience relief, hope and excitement again.

Jody and Roger
Jody Bagno

Jody Bagno – President and Lead Corporate Consultant

Jody has figured out how to use her marketing and coaching background and her no-nonsense approach to good leadership to help clients clear the cobwebs of confusion and Get Stuff Done. When training teams, using her humor and insight, she loves to toggle between metaphors of great jazz and brilliant baseball. She coaches top executives and frontline soldiers with the approach that “Everyone can have powerful insight to contribute and my  job is to mine for it and bring it to the light.”

Jody leverages her degrees in Business and Psychology from CSU-Chico and her certifications in Executive Coaching, Guerrilla Marketing® and Personalities® training to find the most effective ways to grow organizations quickly while building strong foundations.

Roger Dill

Roger Dill – Development Director and Leader of the HeartBeat Division (Non-Profits and Churches)

We call Roger the, “King of Collaboration.” He has a gift for drawing out the best engagement and ideas from the teams he facilitates. With a rich background of leading organizations in a variety of industries, Roger believes he became most adept at developing people while attending UC Berkeley in the late sixties. Additionally, he served as Senior Pastor of a church that was considered one of the fastest growing congregations of its time. That dynamic combination equipped Roger to navigate even the trickiest of organizational challenges. When he isn’t arguing stats around baseball, football or basketball, Roger is passionate about reading every new leadership and management book when it’s hot off the presses.

Hava Kimmel-Miner

Hava Kimmel–Miner  Office Manager (aka: our Office Goddess!)

Hava makes everything work well at Jazz BC.  She has been with Jazz since 2014 and has been an instrumental part in growing our company.  With an eagle’s eye for detail, you can count on her to make sure we do things with a high-level of excellence.  Hava has a background that has taken her to several places in the world like Paris, France, and Seoul, South Korea, and more to teach English, participate in theater and raise an incredible family.  Hava is married to Patrick and has two kids, a dog (Rex) and a foster kitty (Zorro).

Grace Bagno

Grace Bagno – Social Media Manager  

Grace brings a fresh and insightful perspective while helping the team “keep it real” as we develop training and coaching services.  As a graduate with honors from CSU Monterey Bay, Grace is passionate about communicating ideas clearly and in interesting ways.  She is also our resident photographer and has the ability to capture beauty in even the most mundane things.  In her free time, Grace can be found hiking up mountains or driving a golf ball farther than the rest of us!

Barbara Bassett– Chief Financial Officer

When it comes to money-management, there is no one we trust more than Barbara.  She has owned multiple businesses, real estate and has also been one of our most requested coaches.  She spent several years as a money coach and loves to get in and untangle a good financial puzzle.  When she isn’t helping one of our clients build their empire, she can be found at golf courses all over the country.  Barbara is definitely our “Where’s Waldo” as we never know if she is in California, Arizona, Florida or Michigan.

Tammy Vaitai– Podcast Producer

Tammy is our award-winning spoken word artist, singer, producer and Vibe Builders podcast manager (Coming Fall 2020).  Tammy has an ear for excellence whether it is the way a recording sounds, or the way our presentations and training come across.  As the former General Manager for Old Skool Cafe in San Francisco, Tammy embodies the communication and people skills we all aspire to have one day.  If she isn’t in the office, she can be found riding her bike or conquering Mount Diablo on a hike.

Louie – Our Mascot for Great Vibe

Louie, named after Louis Armstrong has been helping our team build Vibe for a few years.  Always happy to play,  Louie loves to inspire people to get up and chase after him (usually because he has stolen something like a paper bag), and in doing so, they find their energy and spunk again.  Everyone needs a Louie in their life!

jazz meetings

Let’s face it. Most management training is too expensive, boring and ineffective.

Plus, who has the time to pull key leaders out of the field for a couple of days of training, just to find them all go back to work, and forget most of what they have learned?

You want a team that delivers products and services like a great jazz band plays toe-tapping, get-up-and-swing, while ending with a  standing ovation kind-of-music.


You are like the director/conductor.  Your team is made up of individual players (musicians) who need to both do their individual job (playing an instrument) well, and work together to create a great experience (good music) for your customers (the audience).  If shipping doesn’t deliver, or quality control is poor, it creates sour notes, and your customers won’t recommend your company or buy from you again (buy tickets to another show).

The truth is, when you combine Clarity (about priorities), Competency (in getting the job done correctly) and Chemistry (the emotional and relational connection), you will build great Vibe.  Great Vibe precedes great music.

Bad Vibe kills profits.

Without Vibe, you’ll work too hard, be more frustrated and continually settle for mediocre results.

With a little training for your team that is memorable, fun and effective, and some coaching for your leaders, you’ll see your team get on the same page of music, and you’ll be selling out shows while winning the Grammys of your industry in no time.

Jazz Heartbeat

We believe in the work of non-profits and churches so much that we created an entire division dedicated to supporting their leaders and teams. Are you part of an organization that makes the world a better place? We have services tailored specifically for your needs (and financial constraints).

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After our Jam Session and the Management Training, our staff tackled and accomplished many of the projects that had been sitting on my desk for years! Not only did our revenue and profitability increase substantially, we are enjoying our second year in a row on the “Top Places to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area” list.

— Lisa Carter,-General Manager, CD & Power
Andy McClure


Andy McClure, President of Sherpa Business Development, is our go-to guy for all things marketing. After your infrastructure is made ready for massive growth, Andy will get you get the word out and start driving in business. He has helped several of our top performing companies with everything from website updates to lead generation. He is also one of the nicest guys we know. Click on the logo for more information and be sure to let him know we sent you!

Myra LalDin


When it comes to building teams with Consciously Inclusive leaders, Myra LalDin (Founder of Perspectives), and her team are experts.  They specialize in creating immersive training experiences through the use of Virtual Reality.  Myra has lived in several places throughout the world and is a graduate of Harvard University with a focus on cognitive science and behavioral theory.  She is a widely sought after speaker on panels all over the US.    To learn more, click on the logo below.


Lori Mazenko provides a unique set of services.  In addition to being a licensed therapist, Lori has a background that includes banking and owning multiple businesses. She not only provides therapy services, she also has the ability to connect as a business coach certified in the Jazz Business Consulting methods.  To learn more, click on her logo and let her know you heard about her here.


Mary Norcross is a Professional Transitional Coach who helps clients find momentum again!  As a director of a women’s transitional program, she coached women who found themselves in a season of setbacks. Since 2008 in the non-profit sector, she has been mobilizing leaders to find their position in an organization. On occasion that meant helping them move to a different organization empowering capable people to work in their passion.

Mary is known for helping men and women have tough conversations and move through challenges of work communication and relationship blocks that weigh you down.  She guides people in their next step, opening up options and choices not seen  – through powerful discovery.  This coaching relationship opens up new adventures in your relationships at work and home resulting in positive outcomes that you get to live into!