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Are you part of an organization that makes the world a better place?
We have services tailored specifically for you.

Imagine being a part of a team led by spiritual sensitivity to God, steered by a strategic mindset, and bonded by relational depth. This can be your leadership team.

Vibe. Momentum. Impact.

The Heartbeat Division was created to serve the isolated leader, the weary board of directors, and the burned-out staff, all who may feel invisible and irrelevant.

Your contribution matters. Your ideas deserve to be heard.  Your passion may need replenishing.

We provide training, facilitation, and coaching specifically tailored for the unique and diverse needs of faith-based nonprofits and churches.

We’ll guide your team in developing ministry strategy while simultaneously strengthening your team’s relational fabric.

What is at stake if you continue without renewal?

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Develop Your Board

Training & Facilitation

It all starts with your Board of Directors or Council.

An aligned and focused Board is the key contributing factor determining whether your organization executes on your God-breathed mission, or you become irrelevant and eventually close your doors.


You deserve to experience a healthy, aligned and focused Board. Our training & facilitation will help you make that happen more quickly.

You have options:  We offer both training-only for a day, or training with 6-months of meeting facilitation.

Every engagement starts with a board assessment and report of organizational Clarity, Competency and Chemistry health. (Organizational Vibe Assessment)

We’ll help you optimize four key areas of Board Development:

  • Mission: Clarify what your organization is called to accomplish
  • Management: Provide oversight of key leader(s)
  • Money: Develop & oversee financial plans that align with your mission
  • Messaging: Communicate with clarity about what is most important

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Elevate Your Leadership Team

Strategic Planning &
Executive Coaching

Your Leadership Team knows the Mission.  Now it is time to create a plan for implementation.

Without this clarity, your team can be plagued by drama, power-struggles, misunderstandings and politics.



Our tailored Jam Session will align your leadership and equip them with an easy plan to build your impact. ( Offered as a 2-day retreat or over 4 sessions) to include:

  • Learn the language of Personal Vibe and how to work well with people who think differently
  • Deliberate Dialogues for Collaboration –  Drawing out the best ideas from a diverse group of people requires skills not taught in college or seminary.
  • Define Your Core Values – Discovering the three crucial elements that define your leadership team when operating at their very best will change the way you navigate conversations and meetings.
  • Develop your Concerted Goal: Choose the rally cry  for the next 6-12 months that will align all of your departments and accomplish the most important objective to make a real world difference.

Workshops and discussions are tailored to your specific needs.

Taught and facilitated by Roger Dill who was the leader of the 3rd fastest growing church in the country.  Roger has worked with organizations such as The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, Barnabas, Community Options for Family and Youth and more.

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Guest Speaking & Workshops

Additional Services

Offered Online or In-Person

Personal Vibe – Become a Vibe Builder   Each person brings a Vibe to your team.  We all want to be the person that lights up a room, inspires others and feels like our contribution matters.  Click here to learn more.


Deliberate Dialogues – For Collaboration  Stop missing out on the best ideas to achieve your objectives

For Churches:

How Good Is Good Enough?   Do you hear people say that going to heaven is just a matter of being a “good person”?  Learn how Jesus defines “good enough.” Hint: It’s not what you think.

For Men: Throw Me a Rope – Saving Male Friendships in the 21st Century In the age of a pandemic and electronic connection, male friendships are more vital than ever.  Learn biblical ways to develop life-giving deep friendships with other men.

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