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Want to deliver Great Vibe at your next event, retreat or online meeting?


Keynotes and Workshops that
Build Vibe and Grow Your Organization

Whether your conference or meeting is online or in-person, we are ready to bring great Vibe to your event!

You deserve to have an event that people talk about for years to come.  Our speakers tailor their talks by interviewing some of your key leaders, researching your industry and connecting lessons to the relevant challenges your attendees face every day!

Our team is experienced and passionate about several industries including:

  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • NonProfits, NGOs & Churches
  • Environmental Causes
  • Sales, Sales, & Sales
  • and more!

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Jody Bagno at Las Positas College


Our Signature Talk

Become a Vibe Builder

Each person brings a Vibe to your team.

We all want to be the person that lights up a room, inspires our coworkers and feels like our contribution matters.  Your attendees will learn simple ways to:


  • Identify the Personal Vibe Type of others,
  • Uplevel their own emotional maturity & social awareness,
  • Become aware of the key emotional need that drives both their own and others’ decision-making.

The difference in learning Personal Vibe types from other personality models, is that your audience will not only learn about themselves, they will also learn how to easily work with others, increase collaboration, reduce conflict and misunderstandings and draw out the best in their diverse teams.

Lots of laughter and interaction will keep your team engaged and inspired.

(Can be a 25-minute talk or a 3-hour in depth workshop)

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Stop missing out on
golden ideas

Your employees have game-changing ideas that they may not be sharing with you.

You can lead exciting collaborative discussions, instead of looking out at an audience of bored, expressionless faces.


Your employees WANT to contribute.

Learn how to create an environment where the best ideas get to the table,  and you experience both weigh-in and buy-in to your team decisions.

(Can be a 20-minute talk or 90-minute workshop)

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Lead tough, but necessary conversations

Do you have a “Diva” who is difficult but who produces great work?

Do you sense that toxic people are eroding your team production and profitability?



Are you uncomfortable with addressing underperformers?

You can navigate these tricky but necessary conversations with ease and achieve the change you need to see.

Learn to:

  • Define what “excellence” looks like rather than the minimum needed to get by
  • Challenge your manipulators to change their behavior
  • Eliminate mediocrity by creating a culture of top performers

When you learn the steps to effective developmental and disciplinary conversations, you will reduce the time you spend on employee-related drama.

Additionally, you will learn to easily document these conversations for potential future needs.

(Can be a 20-minute talk or a 2-hour workshop)

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Multiply Your Time

If you have more to do than can fit in a day and you are constantly pulled in too many directions, this workshop can be a life-saver!

Learn how to invest only 90 seconds to plan your day, your meetings and your conversations and watch it Multiply Your Time, and minimize the damage of constant interruptions.

(Can be a 45-minute keynote or 2-hour workshop)

***90 Second System Planners are an optional addition.***

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Build Your Credibility in
Online Meetings & Webinars

(Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, etc)

In your online meetings, have you experienced:

  • Looking up people’s’ nostrils from poor camera placement?
  • Striving to see someone’s darkened face because they have a window behind them?
  • Missing what someone is saying because they have a terrible microphone?

If you have experienced, or been guilty of any of these online rookie errors, this workshop will equip you with several simple and low or no-cost ways to look like a pro in online meetings.

You’ll also learn ways to keep attendees engaged and interested in your meetings and webinars.

Reduce Your Zoom-fatigue and lead shorter, more effective meetings today!

(50 minute workshop)


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Race & Bias,
Inclusion Training
to Maximize Team Performance

You’ve built a team that is diverse, now what?

There is more to optimizing a well-rounded team, and you can be the first one in your industry to incorporate this type of experiential training.

Now you have the option of a Virtual Reality Experience, which will put you in the shoes of  team members with different backgrounds.


You’ll experience training that is:

  • Embarrassment-free
  • Immediately applicable
  • Emotionally impactful –which means the transformation is long-lasting
  • 40% Faster than conventional training with a 75% higher retention!

**Now offered in any of these formats:

  • Desktop App
  • Mobile App
  • Virtual Reality Experience

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Jody Bagno-Dill  Speaker, Executive Coach and Consultant

Whether it is tough conversations or learning sales strategies that actually get you in front of decision-makers, Jody is going to equip your audience with relevant skills that make a difference immediately.

Jody has spent over 20 years coaching CEOs and other C-Suite leaders and their teams on building VIBE. Many clients have gone on to win prestigious awards, including Best Places (and Top Places) To Work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jody leverages her degrees in Business and Psychology and certifications in Executive Coaching, Guerrilla Marketing Coaching® and Personalities®Training, as well as her humorous, yet straight-forward approach to developing mangers into leaders people love working for every day.

Jody has traveled as far as Israel and Palestine, and as close as the inner cities, meeting with and helping groups who are struggling with internal conflict.  She is the author of  upcoming book, “Bad Vibe Costs You Good People.”

Roger Dill speaking

Roger Dill – Development Director and Leader of the HeartBeat Division (Non-Profits and Churches)

If you are looking for a speaker to bring EDUtainment to your event, Roger is an excellent choice!  He has the ability to teach complex concepts in a way that is both simple to learn and easy to apply.  With many years of speaking all over the world to businesses, churches and nonprofits, Roger will give each of your attendees the feeling that his talk was tailored just for them.  He will deliver your personalized talk with enough information to be relevant, and enough heart to make it memorable.

Myra LalDin – founder and CEO of Perspectives

When it comes to creating immersive training experiences, especially in the area of Inclusive Leadership, Myra LalDin is quickly becoming one of the most popular speakers in this space.  As an expert on Diversity and Inclusion Leadership challenges and solutions, Myra and her team have developed some of the most innovative ways to achieve behavioral change in team building.  See more information at VRPerspectives.com

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