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Overcome the Post-Election Negative Impact on Your Team
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This was a messy, negative election and the impact on workplace culture has been enormous.

The American Psychological Association recently published a study that showed 52% of Americans stated that the election created "significant" stress in their lives. The study also indicates that the impact was the same whether the participant aligned with either the Democratic or Republican party. Now that it is over, the stress has not necessarily evaporated. On the contrary, many people now fear the unknown future under the current leader.

More than ever, your employees, staff and co-workers are desperate for leadership they can trust. In our travels as consultants, we have seen a significant increase of unacceptable behavior in the collective workplace during this election. It seems as though employees who are watching vicious, disrespectful aggressive behavior from those aspiring to lead the most powerful country on earth, are subconsciously, adopting similar behaviors in addressing disagreements.

Your leadership matters now, just as it would if your organization was facing a terrible crisis.

Your people are tired, weary, maybe even feeling despair and a lack of hope. It is vital that you step into your role and REASSURE, REALIGN and RESTORE your teams.

How do you accomplish such a big feat when you too, may be feeling a sense of despair and wondering what the future holds? You can start with a few simple steps.

REASSURE - First, it is a good time to remind your team that they belong to a special group who are in the process of accomplishing meaningful things. Reassure them that the future is bright and that they are in the right place at the right time with the right people.

Share your vision again. Use imagery in your talk that helps your direct reports imagine achieving ONE KEY WIN that will give them a sense that they are not powerless. Help them to refocus on the exciting things ahead where their contribution is needed. Find ways to celebrate the quick wins. This will invoke a sense of positive momentum again. Catch people doing things well and be generous with public praise for those individuals. A dose of specific positive appreciation can inspire a team more than winning any ballot measure ever could.

REALIGN- How often are you leading 5-10 minute stand-up meetings with your team to discuss the most important activity for the week? This activity should be tied to your (earlier shared) vision. You may need to remind people why this focus is more important than the other things that compete for their time and attention. One of our clients in the insurance industry purposely launched a campaign promoting wellness going into the holiday season. People became refocused on getting healthy after Halloween candy-consumption, and were inspired to do activities like yoga and cardio exercises to mentally prepare for the crazy holiday season ahead.

If we surveyed your employees, what initiative would they say they are most excited about right now?

Finally, RESTORE your team. When was the last time you individually let people know you genuinely cared about them? Check-in around personal things, like family, personal goals, and causes they care about. Ask questions and when they respond, put your phone away, look them in the eye, pay attention. Let them know you care about their well-being. This small investment of time will pay off in loyalty, dedication and renewed enthusiasm. Communicating that you care is one of the most important activities you can do as a leader.

Do the simple things. Be the kind of leader you always wanted to work for and watch what happens. It is magical.

If you need help with any of these ideas, please call us. We want your team to win!

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