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Medical Vibe... really?
The journey through treatment for breast cancer can be terrifying a bit scary unless you are lucky enough to receive your treatment from one of the terrific doctors at John Muir, like I did two years ago. Today was one of the routine check-ups with my fabulous Radiation Oncologist, Dr Michael Levine. Dr Levine is not only a great doctor, he is a great man. After examining me, I got to ask him about his recent success in securing the largest financial gift ever given to this health care system. I asked what he would attibute his success to. Now stop for a second.would you ever consider this kind of doctor to be a salesman of any type???

No Joe Girard training for this guy! He never attended, How to Win Friends and Influence People with Dale Carnegie and yet he convinced some generous couple to hand over $10 million (no typo there) to a hospital&receiving nothing in return&except the good feeling of having a positive impact on a community. Thats what I call SALES! at its finest! I said, How did you do it? Wearing only recycled kleenex a hospital gown, I listen with great anticipation to hear the ultimate secret.

Well, he said as though it were nothing more then shooting a couple of baskets, it was really a matter of developing a relationship. I have genuinely cared (aka:played tennis, ate fabulous meals together, listened to concerns about politics, celebrated birthdays, drank wine, encouraged) about these people for several years. They have given a few gifts over the years and then I had the opportunity to serve them in a professional capacity&.and they chose to give. Genuinely caring about people and investing in the relationship&..hmmm, what a novel idea. It was obvious that he was truly friends first with whomever these giving angels were, before any giving&. the gift was not the focus, merely one of the fruits of a long relationship of caring.

Bravo Dr Levine. I continue to learn from you. Thank you for sharing the wisdom and insight. And thank you for taking such good care of us patients. You are the best!

Who do you care about? Who do you invest in? What can you do to invest in an important relationship today?

Dr Levine invested&and now there will be generations after generations who will be blessed with health because of one friendship.

Thats a legacy.

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