Jazz Business Consulting specializes in reducing distractions, drama and distrust that damage your organization's productivity. We help you fulfill your purpose and maximize your profits. Your products and services are your music. Just like a great concert, people return for more because of how the music and the experience makes them feel. And it all starts with VIBE*.

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*Vibe is the uncanny, often
inexplicable energy that emerges
from the combination of clarity,
competency and chemistry leading to
noteworthy results.

What clients are saying about Jazz Business Consulting…


In our goal of building and fostering a strong culture of trust, team work and creativity, it starts at the top. Jazz BC helped me translate these aspirational qualities into everyday ways of being at our company. They gave me the challenging but critical task of articulating my vision and core values, mobilizing the leadership team to mirror those values and giving our team the opportunity to decide if those values were important to them. At Tangram, we are still on the journey. But with Jazz BC coaching, we have a better understanding and appreciation of where we are headed.”

Rekha Skantharaja
President, Tangram Insurance Services

Our consultant at Jazz helped us clarify who our ideal client is and develop a strategy for appealing to them.  Over the last few years, we have doubled the value of our engagements as well as streamlined our process to become more aligned and more efficient. We invite Jazz BC back each year for a Jam Session just to plan out our strategy for the year!

Imelda Alejandrino
Managing Partner, AP42


What’s Your Vibe?

What’s Your Vibe? Are you more of a Performer, Producer, Arranger, Harmonizer, or blend of all four?
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